Fall 2018 Update | Seattle, Italy, and Back to Basics


Verona, Italy, by Debs

Last night, I had a dream. I was in a small town in what I knew to be Italy, roaming the cobblestone streets in my sandalos and searching for the perfect little bakery to cool down in. The streets bustled with smiling people, and the sun beat down on the verdant terraces and gorgeous little casas. As I bit into a chocolate cornetto, I could taste the sweetness of the filling like I was actually there. 

This morning, I woke up and did some research. Screw that impending Greek Myth midterm, right? My summer plans suddenly became my top priority. Okay, maybe I should study for the midterm.

Hey, did you guys know that living in a small (ish) town in Italy for a month is cheap?

Okay, not cheap cheap, but definitely on the affordable side, if you’re determined enough and willing-to-go-without-buying-new-clothes-for-five-years enough. Through long term AirBnB rentals, you can get a whole ass apartment to yourself for less than $1.5k a month, depending on how bougie you’re tryna be. (For me, the answer is not very. $700 a month will do, please!) I haven’t gotten The Urge in over a year, but as of late, times are changing. I’m finally feeling adventurous again, kind of like that bratty, pretentious teen who packed up her life and waltzed off to Paris two years ago. I just need the wallet to match. Glassdoor.com, here I come.

Anyway, yes, the travel bug has bitten me again. My flight and AirBnb in Seattle for this winter? Booked. My dreams? Big. My bank account? Well, I wish I could move the zeroes from the front to the end, but hey, we’ll get there. In the meantime, fair Verona seems to be calling my name. (And maybe Colombia, too. I should probably renew the passport that expired in January.)

The thing with travel, for me at least, is that you can’t fucking rush that shit. Don’t listen to the people who want you to buy a last minute plane ticket to Topeka because it’s $5 cheaper than usual. Wait for something to inspire you, and then save up and have a trip worth writing home about. You know why I never wrote a bunch of elaborate blog posts about my backpacking trip through Central Europe? Yeah, that’s because it was last minute and kind of shit because of it. Don’t have a half-assed vacation just because you want to go somewhere now. Save that feeling. Treasure it. Nurture it. Let it grow wild inside of you and consume your every waking moment. And then go later, when you have the time and money to afford peace of mind, and you won’t regret it.

Okay, I’m done being preachy. Verona! Or Lucca, or  I’m not a big city person, but I always did want to see more of Italy while I was living in France. (Italy being one of the more coveted, and therefore expensive, destinations made it hard to do much more than a weekend quickie to Venice.) Having a base seemed like an excellent start, and smaller, tamer Verona and its proximity to Lake Garda. Hell, I might even change my mind—if I can find the perfect tiny Italian town in the northern part of the country with friendly people and good food, I might never leave.

Basically, I’m looking for two things:

  1. A quiet, idyllic home base that is still connected to the rest of the country and its major attractions.
  2. The opportunity to learn and practice Italian. (I know some scattered words and phrases, but I’d love to get to a more intermediate level.)

And food, of course, but that’s a given. So yeah, that’s it guys. I’m basic again.

In terms of the slightly less exciting yet still eagerly anticipated, I’m headed to Seattle for the first time! One of my big revelations of the past few years is how little I’ve bothered to explore my home country. I might potentially pursue vet school in Washington (yeah, that’s still happening), so it seemed like a big ‘why not?’ Plus I’m going with my mom, which I enjoy because I’m old now, and that shit is cute when you’re old.

So hey, that’s it for my Fall Update. I’ll keep you guys posted on Seattle as it comes along and the planning process for Italy, but in the meantime I gotta go crush that midterm. And NaNoWriMo.

Non-sequitur of the day: Why aren’t there any prominent Christmas Markets in the majority of the states? Like, the cute, European-style kitschy ones, not the fried dough stand nightmares. Get on top of your shit, America.

Cheers, and until next time!


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